The military uniforms made in China with more competitive


Why do we say that the military uniforms produced in China are the most competitive? Now let me take you to have a deeper understanding.

First of all, China is one of the largest country in textile production and exportation . After the years of development, China’s textile industry has obvious competitive advantages, with the most complete industrial chains and the highest processing level in the whole world. 

Secondly, China is in the sense of urgency of playing the role of catcher, which has generated great impetus. Compared with the level of developed countries, China still has a great advantage in industrial costs. For example, China’s labour costs, raw material costs, and research costs are much lower than those of the United States and Russia.

Thirdly, China’s infrastructure is complete, from the ports, the docks, the expressways, the railways and the airports to communications, Internets and power infrastructure.

Finally, with the rapid development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, certain talent and technical advantages have been formed, and the supply structure and working mechanism of human resources have been further optimized. Moreover, the research efficiency of Chinese scientists in the field of equipment is much higher than that of the United States and Russia. It takes four or five years for the United States and Russia to produce finished products of many products, but it may take only two or three years for China to successfully develop them.

Specially, in demands of the military products in the whole world, only China could meet the US and European military’s high technical requirements and also with cheap and reasonable costs to win the customer’s satisfaction .

And there is one professional manufacturer in China named “ BTCAMO “, who have the whole supply chains from advanced Spinning to weaving machines, from the bleaching to dyeing & printing equipments, and from CAD designs to the sewing uniforms equipments, having their own laboratory and technicians monitored every step of production in real time, QC department made the final inspection, which can keep the products always passed the test requirements come from the different Countries’ military and police . With over 20 years experience in the military fabrics and military uniforms for serving more than 80 countries. The quality is their Culture. To do business with them, your money is safe.

So more and more countries military fabrics and military uniforms are all choosing made in China with the good quality and cheap costs now . 

Post time: Mar-01-2023